Whats your thoughts?

Which subject shall we chat about?

It seems to be a hold up for me because I have 100’s of things running through my mind at all times. I’d like to start off with the subject that will inspire the next reader to feel the need to help out the next stranger, that they can truly see is in need of help. It can be from helping an injured or elderly individual place heavy bags in their car, or buy an extra juice or milk for the family counting change. Let’ see some inspirational thoughts and share your story on how you assisted someone in need 🙂


What this site has in mind:

As a creative individual that has tried to teach her children to be themselves, love who you choose, say what’s on your mind, treat other how YOU want to be treated, see outside the box, think before you speak, see the beauty in everything, LOVE all, and believe there IS a God; and it is their choice in which belief they choose.

My thought in having this site is bring people together. This site is a place for seeing and sharing creative ideas, such as; fashion, art, décor, and healthy cooking. Also to learn new things for the future with computerized intellect subjects, such as; cryptocurrency blogs, API knowledge blogs, privacy knowledge blogs, app game blogs, and stock blogs

This site is new and I am still working on it. My ideas are big and its in a Frenzy with all that I am I wanting to learn, see, create, and share.

Thank you all for viewing this site. Have a beautiful day!

Final note: If you leave a comment, please be courteous always of everyone. Any discriminating or offensive comments will be deleted and reported.